AW3206-Two Burner Propane Gas Stove - Portable Cooker Camp Stove - Table Top Glass STYLE


New product

  • 30" *16" Big Size Cooking Surface & 5" Height for Easier Cooking

  • Automatic Ignition Dual Propane Gas Burners up to 30,000 BTU

  • CSA Approved Hose and Regulator

  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron Construction and Stylish Tempered Modern Style Glass Top

  • Extremely Easy Set Up - Portable - Tackle Cooking Anywhere Instantly (Instruction Manual Included)

From fiestas to sporting events to large holiday gathering, this up to 30,000 BTU double propane gas stove burner lets you bring the full cooking experience anywhere. Compact and portable size of coking appliance also makes it ideal for the office, dorm rooms, small apartments or any outdoor party. Acero Ware's outdoor camping stove gas uses latest technology, which produces top-of-the-line performance without any cookware restrictions, unlike induction cooktops which require special cookware. Through this, gas stove portable Dual burners heats up very quickly and evenly, directing air flow away from your food, leaving no cold or hot spots. Camping burner features control knobs to conveniently set the desired temperature for your cooking. Dual stove gas burner is lightweight, which means it’s easy to store. Its sleek, modern design flatters any living space, and looks stylish enough to have around guests. Its ideal for college students in dorms, young adults living on their own, people with small spaces or RV’s/caravans, adventure-seekers, road-trippers, campers, and anti-microwave folks! Dual burner gas stove is also convenient for people who need a backup stove for a highly reasonable price.

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