STR-Steamer Rack - Baking Cooling Rack - Cooking Grate - Stainless Steel - Sizes 8"-20"

New product

  • Made of Professional Grade Stainless Steel 

  • Footed Base for Added Stability; Great Workspace for Finishing Foods, Like Decorating Cookies, Cupcakes, and More Such As Steaming!

  • Cools Food Fast, Durable, and Won't Scratch Surfaces; Resists Rust

  • A Necessity For Every Kitchen 

  • Size is in Diameter

  • Stands about 1.2 inch tall 

  • Easy to clean

Acero Ware® Beautifully designed makes this a great piece for kitchens as a cooling rack for all types of food. And it can also ideally be for use as a roasting rack in slow cookers, cast iron ovens or pressure cookers to keep food out of their liquids during cooking. This versatile rack can be used to steam vegetables in the oven, as a trivet for hot dishes at the table and works great when making jam. Use with roasts in an oven dish or for cooling small treats hot out of the oven. There are no end to the uses of this handy, versatile roasting rack. 

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